How come people don’t celebrate mediocrity?

How come people don’t celebrate mediocrity?

“I am not good at cooking hence I don’t cook so often”

“I am not good at that sport so I don’t play it”

You will hear such statements from kids & adults alike We don’t try because we think we won’t excel at it. As a human species, we celebrate excellence to the extent of madness.

We fail to see that excellence is a by-product of sustained mediocrity.

If you read what critics have to say about the Star Wars series you will find that most of the movies are nothing but mediocre. George Lucas, the creator has just taken melodramatic madness on earth to deep space & created umpteen movies over a period of 40 yrs. As a whole, Lucas’ sustained mediocrity has given way to excellence. Star Wars has a much bigger fanbase than some of the best movies ever created.

Sustained mediocrity may lead to excellence. Or it may not. Excellence is not always the end goal. Likewise, there are many by-products of being mediocre at anything.

In most of the 10ks that I run, I happen to be very avg in my category. But I run often to be that average guy.

The by-product of my mediocrity is health, positivity & improvised ability to do other things slightly better.

Do these by-products exceed excellence? Hell ya! hashtagmotivation hashtagmediocrity hashtagexcellence

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