Resolutions are not goals! Happy 2020

Some humble learnings from years that have gone by.


Resolutions are not goals.


And hence, losing weight is a poor goal.


A better goal is running a 3km.


And in the process, you might lose some weight.


Or may gain some more!


Because goals are not habits.


A goal is of little significance if it doesn’t inculcate a habit in you.


You may run a 10k and lose 3kgs but what’s the point if you don’t run often?


Or maybe don’t wake up early to run often?


And habits are formed out of discipline.


But a disciplined mind is not built overnight.


It is chiseled over a period of years.


Discipline comes through a strong belief.


Belief is an acceptance that a better version of you is possible.


Belief is an acceptance(without proof) that there is something good that will happen out of your sheer perseverance. 


Weaker belief leads to weaker discipline.


Weaker discipline doesn’t lead to the right habits.


Weaker set of habits don’t give way to better goals.


HNY 2020.


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