Way back in 2000, as a 13-year-old I had a crazy imagination of 2020.

No, definitely not flying cars but I did think that the world would be a better place. We would all shift to electric cars and there will be a cure for every disease. India would be a developed economy and we will all become rich. How cute.

In 2005 when I turned 18, I did not bother about the future much. All I wanted was faster internet, better mobile phones, better computing power to run the latest games. How ignorant.

In 2010 when I turned 23, I thought to myself that the future is here: 5MP cameras and 1mbps speed. All I cared about was that the economy should create better job opportunities for me to prosper. Self-centered.

In 2015 when I turned 28 I arrived at the conclusion that there has not been any radical innovation since 2000. There have been disruptions through incremental innovations. Everything was so linear. Moore’s law had ruled the semiconductors and Farmville had ruled our minds. Rational despondence.

Quite surprisingly, today, as I wait for 2020 to begin my thoughts are somewhat a blend of all of the above. But I would always prefer the company of the 13-year-old me. I would travel back in 2000 and have a good chat on the possibilities.

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