Of the Thinking brain and the feeling brain

Now, this is very abstract, I hope I succeed in putting this across.

A week ago I banged my knee against a wooden door. It hurt badly. I laid down on the bed in a fetal position. Applied ice and the pain receded slowly. It took two days for the mild pain to recede. All I knew that it was a minor thing and I will get well soon.

A few weeks ago I had an altercation with a close one. My feeling brain got triggered. It felt anger, it was upset and negative feelings ensued. My feeling brain had hit on a sharp object and perhaps it was a little hurt. A few days later it recovered when it started feeling joy and pleasure.

In the meanwhile, the thinking brain knew all the steps which my feeling brain will go through to heal itself like it did in the case of my knee injury.

Thinking brain is that rational parent who knows how his kid will react in the face of rejection and failure. But the parent can do little to help his kid traverse through the ordeal. The parent tries to assure the kid that he or she will get better over time.

The feeling brain is just a dumb organ and that is why it could be manipulated with drugs and chemicals to get better. Just like my poor knee got better with ice. πŸ™‚

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