Gyimg 103: The Limits

As a child I was limitless. I could see endless possibilities. We are all like that when we are small and young. As we grow up,  we build boundaries. These are psychological and physical. I built mental boundaries for my physical abilities in my late teens. I stopped all the little sport I was indulged into.

In my early twenties, though I was conscious about my health, I never extended my physical boundaries. The best I could do was walk a mile and then feel proud of it. I became more conscious about health in my late twenties. It was simple and rational me. The rationality which kept me bounded was now letting me free. Let me try to break the physical shackles, I said to myself.

I soon routinized exercise. First, it was walking and running routine. I could barely run 500 meters at a stretch. My calf-muscles would give-up faster than my lungs. Then it was run the routine. 800 meters, 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k, 5k 6k, and then came the 10k. In my mind, my physical boundary had expanded.

Was that my limit? there was no way I would not know. I anchored my physical activities to a goal. I knew that I am not going to die of a chronic lifestyle disease if I follow the run routine. I had that conviction. But what was my limit? How healthy and fit I should be as a 31-year-old? I had no clue. I explored. All the running was just the stamina, and I clearly knew that strength was the next thing.

For the past three weeks, functional training has certainly opened-up new possibilities. There is a lot of scope. I see the possibilities. Our physical abilities are really limitless. Our bodies transform and it is never too late to change. And there is a lot of room to be more healthy. There is a lot of room to grow.

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