Customers don’t know what they want

Technology works in mysterious ways. Take Windows’ OS for instance. It promises you to get better every time it asks for an update. Does it give you a choice? Nay. It simply goes ahead and updates itself. Does it get better? who knows? we are just too naive to know that. No one cares to ask what this update means to them as they blankly stare at the screen.

Who knows it is costing us millions of man-hours. The default mode and direction of this planet is concentrated around very few people. That is dangerous, but more than that, we are all indifferent about this direction. We blindly trust. And we all move in a swarm. Imagine millions and millions of people going through the pain of the update.
If everyone believes in the same stuff, it must be true! technology is like a new religion. People are too lazy to decide for themselves. It is so convenient to believe that the fate has already been decided by the God. It is so convenient to believe that good deeds lead us all to heaven or hell.
It is so convenient to believe that software updates work for the greater good. But come to think of it, if they did then every new update defeats the purpose of the previous update. Wasn’t that good enough?
Collectively we all are blind as species. And our average IQ might be 12. Few people bank on this fact.When Steve Job said “Customers don’t know what they want until we have shown them”, he meant it!



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