Gym 102 : Heartbeats!

Today I was surely beating at 160 BPM at the functional training . It is the intensity which I am afraid of. Are our hearts designed to pump at 160 beats per minute for 45 minutes straight?  I can’t really imagine the scenarios during our evolution where we apes were forced to go through such strenuous situations. That’s why our resting heartbeat ranges from 60-80 BPM. (May be , I am no scientist) We lived in groups and mitigated the threats of predators to a greater extent relative to our dumb counterparts.

Let us look at other animals.What is the resting heartbeat of a medium to small dog? dogs rest at 100- 140! Ruby throated humming bird beats at 600 BPM! Is there any correlation of heart activity and consciousness ?  more conscious beings need less action and hence have lower beats (do they live longer? again I ma no scientist). But I feel they have a greater control over their surroundings. As a matter of fact Big dogs beat between 80- 100. There is some correlation with size too.

Guess what, a standing elephant beats at 10 beats per minute! 

I believe we humans have a huge spread when it comes to BPMs. We are agile, we are more diverse than any other species on this planet. Yesterday when I was at a movie theater I saw my Fitbit showing me that my heart beat was 58!

I just googled and Ussain Bolts resting heart rate is 33!



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