Dumb ads in movie theaters

If you are in India , there is a good chance that you will get to see the following ads at the beginning and during the interval.


  1. Government ads : Ads on Aadhar , Leprosy , Smoking and Tobacco kills.
  2. The quintessential Vicco.
  3. Lux Cozi: Apna Luck Pehenke Chalo.
  4. Lyra Leggings : Where Parineeti Chopra maintains a diary titled ” My Life , My Lyra”
  5. Manyavar : Virat and Anushka 
  6. Some local ads.
  7. Oxemberg, J.Hamstead and brands which use white models in the ads to sell western style but made in India clothing. 

If you have seen all these ads then you might have also understood the common denominator here : They are all dumb!The government ads haven’t changed since last two decades. Other ads simply bombard the brand names on to your ears so that you hear them loud and clear on the Dolby Digital system.

But here is the good part : Despite of being trite, formulaic and stupid these ads simply win. I was able to remember all the ads and could mention them in the list above. How many ads you remember when you see them on a TV? you just tend to forget them unless they are really really creative.

So the ads played in a movie hall are dumb because they simply can afford to be dumb. Imagine watching Akshay Kumar on a giant IMAX screen and hearing him beating the goons to black and blue. Who wouldn’t remember him saying

” Jiske Collar Andar Dollar Ho usse panga nahi lete!” (No one should mess with a guy who wears Dollar(inner-wear brand)  under his collar)





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