Gym 101: Salt in my eyes

I felt like there was salt in my eyes. My eyes were burning. It was my own sweat filled in my own eyes. For the past 30 minutes or so , I was doing stuff that I wasn’t really supposed to do or never ever intended to do. I was in the circus of functional training:  a self inflicted pain which I decided to gift myself just because there was a discount in a gym located at a walking distance from where I stay.

A day before I felt like I am going to die. I was almost on the verge to pass out during an intense session. I was blacking out. I quickly pressed two fingers against my carotid and noticed my heart was beating slow . I was wondering why it was not beating fast? it should right? to give that oxygen supply to my hungry and fatigued muscles.  I was feeling breathless. Was my heart going to stop? or was it telling me to go slow?

But I was fine after a few minutes though.I was given an electrolyte and was told to have two Bananas and Coffee 40 minutes before I arrive at this circus.

Here, a group of 5 people are commanded to jump , lift, stretch and run.  It is a mix of strength , endurance and stamina training: welcome to the world of Multi- Fit. No more treadmills and standing in queue for your turn to use some intimidating work-out machine.

Today I skipped the routine. My muscles are a little sore but tomorrow let me see what I witness more.

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