The Start-Up Culture!

When Start-ups  are small, they are like tight groups of like minded people who want to make it large. When they want to grow aggressively, they want young hot blood. People who are ready to do anything and everything under the sun. All that these hot-heads know is they have to work hard and party harder.

But it is a party where no one knows what to wear. New people don’t know the theme and neither do they know who all are going to be there. These people harbor all the dummy confidence while slyly hiding the obvious nervousness.They might know the host and his vision, his values and his past accomplishments. But everyone knows very little about everyone else. Their histories are short :nothing to deduct and nothing to derive. All they know they have some goals, target mission and a big dream ahead.

So when no-one knows what to do, how to behave and what to wear they all bring their own sense and subjectivity to the workplace. Some bring their default behaviors and try to establish the norm , while others acquire behaviors which they are not so comfortable with. As they try to adjust and get along, things always don’t work so well.

Start-ups are like new nations. They are like newly formed communities on remote islands. No dress-code doesn’t define a culture. Neither does flexi-timings and work-from homes.In the end there is no concept like Start-up culture. A start-up culture is a subjective reality. There is no benchmark to which the party goers can look up-to and adapt in some capacity. Everyone is clueless.



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