The NGO’s vs the GO’s

I have a very different view about NGO’s. Two or three years back I had written a very long article on why we need 2 million NGO’s in India. My contention was why 2 million NGO’s want to do all the good in a country of 1000 million. I see that we have a huge population but 2 million NGO’s? that happens to be the population of some countries. You can read that article here.

Yesterday, when I was walking towards home, I was intervened by a twenty something girl with an accent. As she approached me, I saw the usual set-up and her folks (all in their early twenties). I also saw a swiping machine on the seat of a bike, just parked on the footpath. The other youngsters were busy filling some forms. Before she could say anything, I had my words at her ” I know how this conversation is going to end” , “You are going to ask for donations”

She smiled and said, “Do you want to donate then?” . I bluntly said no, I have been donating to other cause and I am quite aware about your cause. All the best!

As a I walked towards my vehicle, a strange logic crossed my mind. Here is the thought:

“If all the donations we offer to the NGO’s are tax deductible, then we are robbing our Government or the GO’s (Government Organizations) of their rightful revenue to run the nation. The point I want to drive is, why give you your money to millions of small organizations (some of them with questionable credibility) who vouch to solve the problems of the nation? Instead, why not give your money to a single organization whom the majority of citizens have voted for?

Why we need two different set of systems for solving the same problems?


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