Ludo and 20-20 cricket have their share of similarities

From last two weeks or so , I have been hooked on the game of Ludo. Yeah , that game you find on the reverse side of Snakes and Ladders. This game never fails to excite me. Every roll of dice is a new hope. Every game is a different game. No one knows who is going to win till the very final moments of the game.

All people want is excitement. Excitement generated from unpredictable outcomes. Outcomes where we as humans have very little control on. Football is exciting to watch because we have no control over the moves and state of mind of the players. The 90 minute game is full of surprises. When an underdog like Croatia reaches the Football world finals, it is a surprise.

What people really don’t like? predictable outcomes. See cricket test matches. Even a 50 over , one day match is a drag. Hence to grab eyeballs , 20-20 platform makes much more sense. More action, more audience and more games in just 1/5th amount of time you spend watching a one-day match. Ohh and the immense unpredictability which comes with playing a 20 over match is just the icing on the cake!

So why everyone embraces this unpredictability? because all unpredictability has a strong connection with money. Gambling? unpredictability = Money. Stock markets and day trading? = Money. 20-20 match? unpredictability and hence more eye balls and more advertising moolahs.

It is much more easier to monetize unpredictability. The possibility that anything can happen keeps us all moving.


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